Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Peach Bellini Iced Tea

I wanted to have a nice refreshing beverage for the lovely ladies in my book club... I was trying to think of my fave bevies.. and I love, love, LOVE Joey's peach bellini's.. so I decided to do up an iced tea with the same idea.

Turned out pretty good.. you might want to add a bit of sugar into yours (I didn't) to sweeten it up a bit, but it's really tasty even without.

6 cups of iced tea (I just used the Nestea instant powder - but you can use real tea if you'd prefer)
4 cups peach juice
1 peach

In a large pitcher, mix up your iced tea, add the peach juice and stir together.

Cut up the peach into about 6 slices and add into the pitcher along with ice.

And there you have a nice refreshing summer beverage!



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