Thursday, 21 April 2011

Weight Loss Tips - On the Regular!

I went out for lunch with some of my really good girlfriends today (to The Barley Mill - their turkey, strawberry and brie sandwhich is to die for! I'm going to make my own at home and blog it). But anyways.. as I was saying.. today I went for lunch with the girls and we were talking a bit about my blog, how it's going, etc.

My friend Kristin suggested that I should start putting up daily posts in between my food posts regarding weight loss. Put up a little blurb about any tips I might have and things like that to increase the interest and readership in my blog.

My friend Lily said that she was a bit inspired by my post on the blog about my weight loss and it's lit a fire under her to get into the gym a little more often. It's always so nice to hear things like that because it really motivates you and keeps you going when you know you're a good influence on your friends in that way.

My friend Michelle mentioned that she would make my "skinny" recipes if I put any up. So I promise I am going to be including more of those (I'll blog skinny leek and potato soup in the next few days).

I'll still be posting all my delish "cheat day" treats too... don't worry!

But on that note, maybe I'll give a little weight loss tip today!

I work out a lot with my friend Erin (she is in probably the best shape of anyone I know and is full of good ideas). She is on holidays right now and while she's away she challenged me to a little daily exercise she had thought up for me since I'm trying to trim down my backside a bit. She suggested that in the morning and at night when I am brushing my teeth, I should do pulsing plie squats the whole time I'm brushing for. So I've been doing it and I can really feel it!!

It made me think, maybe I should do these kinds of quick little exercises whenever I can fit them in. At work I've always taken the stairs when I need to run up or down to other floors... so that's the sort of idea I'm talking about. Little things to include in your day whenever you can. While you're waiting at the microwave in the break room, do some squats or standing push ups against the counter. Or if you have some time over your lunchbreak, take a quick power walk if you can. While you're cooking do some plie squats. On commercial breaks while you're watching TV, see how many push ups or sit ups... or crunches you can do in the time it takes for all the commercials to go by.

Constantly be doing little things here and there if you can because even though it doesn't feel like it's doing much (I tend to base how good my workout was on how much I sweat and how hard I feel like I'm working).... but these little things ARE doing something, because hey - they're better than doing nothing right? Fit it in where you can and have fun with it!


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